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Josh Griffith Replaces Courtney Simon on ATWT Writing Team

More shake-ups are afoot for the As The World Turns writing team. Veteran actress-turned-writer Courtney Simon has reportedly been let go in favor of Josh Griffith.


"Courtney has been script editor for the ATWT writing team for almost a decade," says a setside source. "People are just sick about it."

Griffith, who infamously tangled with Maria Arena Bell  while serving as executive producer of The Young and the Restless, allegedly re-writing Bell's scripts in violation of the Writers Guild of America Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA), recently completed a trial deal as a story consultant for General Hospital. He previously served as a script writer for ATWT from April 2005–June 2006. Griffith also wrote for Santa Barbara (1988-91), One Life to Live ( associate head writer: 1991-94, 2004; co-head writer 1994-95; 2003-04; head writer 2003) and co-created Sunset Beach with current General Hospital head scribe Bob Guza. Griffith accepted financial core status during the Writers Strike of 2007-08 to write Y&R with Arena Bell.

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"Everyone knows the show doesn't have much time left, why get rid of someone who has been a dedicated part of the team for so long?" says one mole. "This doesn't help morale at all."

Simon began her daytime career as an actress. She portrayed Dinah Buckley (no relation to the Dinah Marler character) on Guiding Light in the early 1970's, before creating the role of  Kathy Parker on Search for Tomorrow (1971-78, 1983-84). Simon also appeared on All My Children, The CityAnother Wortd and As The World Turns. She has written for Search for Tomorrow (1982-84), Santa Barbara (1986-91), Loving (1991), Guiding Light (1992-93), All My Children (1996-97) General Hospital (1997-98) and Another World (1998-99) before joining ATWT in 2000 as a script writer. Since 2001 she had served as a script editor for the soap, save for the time she was on the picket lines during the 2007-08 Writers Strike.