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Robin Strasser Doesn't Want to See OLTL "Joining Guiding Light"

One Life to Live's Dorian Lord may not be known for backing down, but thankfully her portrayer is a lot more rational. Robin Strasser spoke to Soap Opera Weekly about why she decided to be a part of the solution to keep her soap from going the way of Guiding Light.


Robin Strasser: I will say for the record that I called Frank [Valentini, executive producer] at about 3:15 yesterday. I said, "Frank, Frank, I hope you're happy to hear this but I can't, I can't...I have to say 'yes'. Whatever ABC wants to pay me is okay, I just love what I do and I can't continue in this holding pattern. 'Yes, I'm in, I'm in. Send me a contract, I'll sign it.' He said, 'Okay. That's great. I'll call legal and we'll close this up.' And then I said, 'So what about the rumors?' He said, 'Well, it's a secret until 5 o'clock today.' " Now this was at 3:15. He said, "ALL MY CHILDREN will move to LA and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will move into their studio." I almost screamed into the telephone bursting an eardrum on the man. I'm trusting and wishing the best for ALL MY CHILDREN. They've got some great real estate they're moving to in LA. And there's a lot of great opportunities for renting and buying the personal residences. And then our show apparently is going to get at least 30-50 percent more studio space so that our big concept productions and efficiency can be ramped up. Frank has found better and better ways to make a great show but does it cost effectively because if we don't do it that way we'll be joining GUIDING LIGHT. I'm so proud to be part of that solution.

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