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Who Will Helm the Revamped All My Children?

As the cast and crew digests news of All My Children's pending move to the West Coast and transition to high definition filming, a topic on several insiders minds is who will actually helm AMC once it makes the jump to Hollyweird— Julie Hanan Caruthers, Chuck Pratt or Lisa de Cazotte?


"Lisa was brought in to learn the show on the quiet before replacing Julie," says one source. "That's been the plan all along, however Pratt desperately wants to be both executive producer and head writer. "

According to a second mole, Pratt was all but promised the opportunity to both write and serve as show runner for AMC when he joined the soap in 2008.

'The whole Lisa thing threw Chuck for a loop."

de Cazotte, who served as executive producer for the youth-friendly Passions for its entire run, and garnered critical acclaim for her stint as show runner for season two of General Hospital: Night Shift, currently serves as a producer for AMC.

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"The network likes Lisa because she is an expert at hooking younger viewers," says a source. "Passions had poor household ratings, but they caused Madison Avenue to start thinking about the 12-17 demo as key. With viewership eroding for households and women 18-49, ABC is desperate to go after which ever demo they can get."

AMC actors reportedly have mixed feelings about Hanan Caruther's ability to lead the show during the transition to Los Angeles and a new filming style.

"A lot of the actors like Julie, because she's a straight shooter," says a setsider, " but people have begun to notice Lisa doing things and taking on responsibilities that would usually be reserved for an EP [executive producer]. No one knows what to think.'   

"She can be weak in terms of buckling to Chuck, but she's fair with actors," says another mole regarding Hanan Caruthers.

Hanan Caruthers is reportedly in the middle of contract negotations with ABC. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops.

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