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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Kissing, Almost Frisking and a Headstone Emergency


Kate and Daniel: Kate visits Daniel in jail to confront him. While she’s there, she gets rattled by a daydream where she loses control and kisses him. When she snaps out of it, an annoyed Daniel demands to know what she wants. She tells him that it is his fault that Chloe is in a coma. He denies it and says he knows she poisoned Chloe and tries to get her to admit that she still has feelings for him and that’s the real reason she poisoned Chloe.

Kate admits nothing but accuses him of sleeping with Chloe the whole time he was sitting at Kate’s sick bed telling her he loved her. Daniel tells her that she knows that isn’t true. He begs her to admit the truth. Kate says the only thing she’ll admit is that he won’t be kissing anyone with those lips any time soon.

She starts to leave and calls for the guard and Daniel rips off his shirt to prove he’s not wearing a wire and demands that she frisk him. Kate ignores him and continues screaming for the guard.

Lucas/Chloe/Nathan/Father Matt: Lucas visits an unconscious Chloe in her hospital room. While he stands there wondering how she could do this, her monitor starts beeping and Nathan runs in. He discovers it’s a false alarm. He tells Lucas how sorry he is for Chloe’s condition. Lucas asks if Chloe will ever wake up and Nathan tells him that there is no way of knowing. Lucas tells him that Chloe wouldn’t want to be stuck like this forever. Nathan suggests that Lucas give her sometime to wake up because it’s only been a few days, she could still wake up. Lucas asks him if he thinks that she’ll wake up and Nathan isn’t too optimistic. He also tells Lucas that since he is Chloe’s next of kin it is up to him make decisions for her if the time comes.

Later, once he’s alone again, Lucas wonders how she could have been planning to run away with Daniel before their wedding. He wants to know how she could have done that to him and the kids. He tells her that maybe she deserves to die, just as Father Matt walks in. Father Matt tells him that he has a right to be angry, but that he needs to know that Chloe loves him and that he needs to find a way to forgive her. Lucas says that he’s not sure he can do that.

Philip and Stephanie: Philip bumps into Stephanie in the park and he tells her that breaking up with him was the best decision she ever made. She asks him what’s wrong and he confides in her about what happened to Carlo and how horrible what his family does can be. She tells him that while it’s too late for them, it’s not too late for him and that he can still get away from his family if he wants. Then, Nathan arrives and interrupts them. Philip realizes they’re on a date and rushes away.

Later, Stephanie and Nathan sit in the park and drink some wine. He thanks her again for saving his butt and doing his paper work for him. They toast Lexie for hiring her so she could save his butt and then the two of them look at each other and smile.

Philip arrives home at the Kiriakis mansion. He looks at photo of him and Victor and remembers telling Stephanie he can walk away from his family at any time. Then, Henderson announces Carlo’s wife. He puts down the photo and sighs. She comes in and apologizes to Philip for losing it on him at the hospital. She says she was just over come with grief. She assures him that she didn’t tell the police that Carlo worked for the Kiriakises. Then, Philip has Henderson show her out.

Brady and Arianna: Brady arrives at the pub and interrupts Arianna’s drug deal. She covers saying it’s a shipment for the pub. Her contact leaves and Brady helps her with inventory. Arianna brings him a Banana milkshake to thank him for his help. She apologizes for making him miss the second half of the concert and he assures her that it’s okay. Talking about music leads to the two of them deciding to dance but they kiss instead.

When Brady breaks off the kiss, he says it’s time to get back to work. He heads over to box that Arianna’s contact brought and she tells him to stop. Then, she explains that she realized the wrong box was delivered and she won’t be able to send it back if it is opened.

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Brady tells her that he has to go. She thanks him for all his help and tells him she’ll call him in the morning. Then, he kisses her again and leaves. When he’s gone, she opens the box and finds some drugs inside a wine bottle. She looks at them and then closes the box.

Nicole and EJ: At the Dimera mansion, Nicole and Sydney celebrate Sydney’s 6 month birthday by blowing out some candles on a cake. Meanwhile, EJ visits Grace’s grave and brings her some flowers. He breaks down and apologizes for not being there for her and says if he had known she was his daughter he would have made sure she’d had the best treatment. Then, he moves the flowers off the headstone and sees that the name on the stone is Grace Raphaella Brady and he gets angry.

EJ storms into the mansion fuming. Nicole asks him where he was because he missed Sydney’s celebration. He tells her that he was visiting Grace and tells her what the headstone said. He says she was his daughter, a DiMera, and he won’t let anyone forget that.

EJ calls the cemetery saying it’s an emergency and he doesn’t care how much it costs, he just wants it done. When he hangs up, Nicole returns from putting Sydney to bed and wants to know why he decided to visit Grace. He tells her that it’s her half birthday too. Nicole insists that isn’t all and EJ admits that he needed to remind himself of what Sami’s done. Nicole asks why and he admits that he had a dream about her. Nicole starts fuming and EJ says that he can’t help it if Sami haunts his subconscious. Nicole asks him if this is really about Grace. EJ ignores her question saying that he needs to head to the cemetery to supervise the new headstone being put in. Nicole demands he answer her question as EJ leaves saying they’ll talk about it later.

Later at the cemetery, EJ watches the man digging out the headstone. He gets tired of waiting and tells the man he will do the rest of it himself. He takes the shovel and starts digging. Nicole wanders into the cemetery and keeps her distance as she watches him digging and sighs.

On the next episode of Days of Our Lives:

At the hospital, Maggie tells Melanie, "You're pushing Nathan away because you don't think you're worthy of him."

EJ tells Nicole, "I feel that you're withholding something from me."

An angry Sami tells Rafe, "He is a vindictive S.O.B and I am not going to let him get away with this."

Meredith tells Stefano, "I made sure Samantha Brady will find out everything that Rafe ever did to Emily."

Just a few thoughts:

Is Arianna an undercover cop or FBI agent or is she just playing Brady? If she’s playing Brady, I will have to fight the urge to throw things at the TV. Poor Brady doesn’t deserve that!

Also, I wonder if Nicole ever gets tired of talking about Sami more than anything else in her marriage. I sure know I would!!! Maybe if her world stopped revolving around Sami she would remember that she had a dog.

Oh, and I must say that Daniel ripping his shirt off for a really lame reason was exactly what the doctor ordered for this episode. I do believe I had just been muttering that to make this episode interesting it would be great if the writers could find a reason for one of the hot guys in it to take his shirt off and then he did. If only that trick could work for other things with this show!