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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I knew Dante and Olivia would pretend not to know each other. Although he rebounded quickly enough once he saw that it was Johnny she was fooling around with and was able to cover.


I actually liked everything Dante today. From covering at Olivia’s, to spilling his thoughts to Lulu about Olivia snarking him out in front of Sonny, right down to Sonny’s so egotistical, “she likes me” comment which made me laugh, just by the sheer 12 year-old-ness of Sonny saying it to Dante’s look of horror for hearing it.

Funny line of the day:

Dante to Lulu:
“There are some things you never, ever want to see your mother doing.”

I was also loving Johnny today. I loved his sweet, sensitive side with Olivia and his absolute meltdown with Claudia. I actually want him to tell Sonny the truth, even though I think he would feel such guilt if something happened to Claudia because of it.

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Nikolas/Liz: It was good to see that she came to her senses and left. Although, it did make me wonder how committed or interested he is in Rebecca if a couple of shots makes him want to make out with his sister-in-law.

Why does Sonny show no concern for Kristina? He’s going on and on to Claudia about how Michael is out there in the big bad world, brain damaged, blah, blah, blah and Kristina gets barely a mention as someone who happens to be with Michael. The writing there just makes Sonny look like an even bigger douche than he normally is.

I love that Scrubs are still determined to absolve Alexis and I love that Robin believes Alexis didn’t do it. It’s good to know someone is on Alexis’ side in this mess.

Spinelli, stop yammering about Maximista and pay a little more attention with your help to search for the Corinthos children. Ugh, his constant Maxie-marriage talk is beginning to grate me. I'm glad that Sam was able to refocus him a little.

I’m not looking forward to whatever Jerry and Sweet Sam confrontation is surely coming.