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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Adam/Ashley: In the middle of the night, Adam spots Ashley leaving the ranch in the middle of a thunderstorm. The following day, Ash thinks she may have hit Sabrina! Never letting a chance slip to gas light her, Adam plays the angle up. He quells her panic by insisting to Ashley he is the only person that can help her. Adam tells her to tell no one about what she did. Later, Ashley breaks down and tells Billy she has illusions of hurting Sabrina. He refutes this saying, Sabrina couldn't be harmed if she's already dead. When Adam finds this out, he swiftly undermines Billy's pep talk by pointing out the dent in her car. When Ashley questions how she could hit a woman who's dead, Adam slyly recaps the faux deaths in Genoa City and even cites the recent return from the dead in the Chancellor clan!

He tells her Sabrina could've faked her death and come back to town only to be killed by Ashley. Jack comes to the ranch with Billy in tow and insists on taking Ashley back to the Abbott estate. Ashley rebuffs Jack's request which prompts Victor to have the Abbott brothers tossed off the ranch. Adam breathes a sigh of relief. Finding out Ashley's staying, he steps up his plan by shredding a purple shirt and smearing it with blood. He takes it to her and claims it was stuck to the bumper of her car and claims she did hit Sabrina! Ashley becomes horrified and has meltdown. Adam's elation over the latest development is short lived when little sister Abby finds his hidden camera in the living room. Adam panic and starts thinking about ways to  remedy the situation. Ashley calls JT to search the house for any other cameras, while Adam tries to come up with a plan to keep from being found out.


Mac/Billy/Chloe/Chance: The fashionista attempts a Restless Style photo shoot with Chance and Mac as the focus, prompting Mac to finally snap and inform Chloe she's with Billy and its over for her! Chloe is hurt by this latest revelation, but doesn't lose her cool or show her true emotions. Choe turns the tables on Mac,  calling her out on being a slut and breaking up a family, as Chance walks in. Later, Billy and Chloe talk divorce where she suggest he gets full custody of Delia. Chloe doesn't really want him to have full custody, she trying to push his buttons and see his reaction. Billy shoots this down, knowing she's a great mother to their little girl and would never take her away from Chloe. Billy insists they will be able to work out a custody which she agrees to. Chance swings by and notices how sad she is which prompts him to ask her out.

Mary Jane: After getting the shaft from Nikki, Paul heads to Jimmy's bar where Mary Jane spots him. At first she wants to console her big brother but decides against it. She heads to the church for confession and spills all her misdeeds to her brother Todd! As he listens to her, he realizes its Patty but before he can talk to her face-to-face, she leaves. Later, she bumps into Jeff and Gloria who give her something to eat. She then lies about being on the run from her abusive husband. Knowing Victor's reward offer for Mary Jane is active, Jeff and Gloria extend and invitation for her to bunk at their penthouse.

When the Bardwells leave for more food, Mary Jane bolts from their home not buying their charity act and heads out to ask Mac to bunk in the backroom of Jimmy's. Mary Jane calls Victor and lets him know if he wants her to stay quiet about his part in her returning to Genoa City, he must pay her the reward money he's offering! Victor lets her know she will suffer for the chaos she's unleashed on his family. Mary Jane ups the ante by sneaking on the Newman ranch and slips a note into JT pocket which hints for him to ask Victor about Mary Jane.....


Could there be a new bad girl coming to town?

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