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Patrick Mulcahey Remembers Santa Barbara

In Part I of his interview with Patrick Mulcahey for the 25th anniversary of daytime's greatest soap opera Santa Barbara, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco finds out which SB storyline the talented scribe,who currently pens scripts for The Bold and the Beautiful, loved most.


TVG: What was your favourite storyline on Santa Barbara?

PM: Eden and Cruz’s first romance when Eden believed it was she who had pulled the plug on her father’s life support — but it was actually Gina! And Eden marrying Kirk, the preppy villain, because he pretended he knew her “secret.” Marcy and A Martinez [Cruz] always knocked our socks off. The first leg of their romance was very magical, even though they stayed together for most of the show’s run. Eden and Cruz’s epic romance was the best thing about the show. Oh, and Carrington Garland as Kelly was fun to write for as well.

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