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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Sami Confronts EJ

EJ/Nicole/Stefano/Sami/Rafe: At the DiMera mansion, EJ wakes up and finds that Nicole is already up. He remembers changing Grace’s headstone and comments that he still can’t believe Sami was heartless and sadistic enough not to tell him about Grace. Then, he turns and looks at a photo of Nicole and Sydney and says that things are so much easier with Nicole.


Nicole runs into Stefano as she is getting ready to leave. Stefano asks her where she’s going. Nicole tells him that she’s going to runs some errands. He tells her that he’s on his way out too and asks if she would like a lift. Nicole asks where he’s off to and he explains he’s going to make sure is plan to get rid of Rafe has succeeded. Nicole frowns and Stefano wants to know why she isn’t happier about this since it’s what she wanted too.

Nicole asks if Rafe has left town yet and Stefano says he should be any time now. She wonders what he has on Rafe and Stefano explains what happened to Emily and how Meredith is going to tell Sami that Rafe killed his fiancée.

Meanwhile, at Sami’s townhouse, Sami’s busy getting Rafe and Allie’s lunches ready. She mixes up their lunches and laughs. Rafe and Sami enjoy the normalness of the moment and hug.

Later, Sami comes back from dropping off Allie and finds Rafe still home. He tells her that his boss called to tell him not to come in for another 3 hours. They wonder how to pass the time but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Rafe answers it and finds Nicole on the other side. She comes in and tells them that she wanted to warn Sami that EJ changed Grace’s headstone.

Back at the mansion, EJ asks Stefano if he’s seen Nicole. Stefano tells him hat she went out to some errands and that he has to go and do some errands of his own. EJ wonders what’s up and Stefano tells him that he’s going to go say goodbye to an associate who is leaving town. EJ tells him he hope’s everything went successfully and Stefano gloats that it did and leaves.

Over at the Cemetery, Sami and Rafe visit Graces grave and Sami fumes about EJ changing the headstone. Sami calls EJ a vindictive bastard and tells Rafe that she’s not going to let EJ get away with this. She storms off and Rafe reluctantly follows with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Nicole arrives home at the mansion and says hello to EJ and Sydney. EJ wonders where she went and the two get into another argument about him always interrogating her about where she goes and what she does. After some arguing, Nicole tells him that she was shopping for some clothes for Sydney and apologizes for getting all defensive about it. EJ tells her that he realizes that she has insecurities because of her past and other relationships and reminds her that he loves her. They kiss and there is a knock at the door. EJ goes to answer it and finds Rafe and a fuming Sami on the other side.

Sami charges in and demands to know how he could change Grace’s headstone without discussing it with her first. EJ points out that what he did is no where near as bad as her not telling him about Grace until after her death. Nicole rushes into the foyer and tells them to keep it down so they don’t wake up Sydney. EJ looks at Sami and demands to know how she already knows about the headstone since he only changed it last night.

Sami covers for Nicole and tells EJ that he isn’t the only one who misses Grace and that she visits Grace all the time and that’s how she discovered it. They start getting heated again and Nicole tries to get them to calm down again. Rafe tells EJ that he should get over Grace and just focus on the daughter he has that is still alive and stop tormenting Sami. EJ demands to know what he is trying to say. Rafe tells him that he would leave Sami alone if he truly appreciated what he had.

EJ angrily tells Rafe that he can’t believe he has the nerve to accuse him of neglecting Sydney simply because he cares about Grace. Sami snaps that she never told EJ about her because his family kills people for sport. EJ glares at her and coldly tells her to leave. Sami warns Nicole to take her daughter and run while she still can. EJ opens the door and gives Sami and Rafe five seconds to leave. Rafe steps between EJ and Sami and warns EJ that he if he ever pulls another stunt like he did last night, there will be hell to pay. Then, Rafe and Sami leave and EJ stomps into the living room. Nicole is left standing in the foyer and sighs.

Meanwhile, Stefano goes and visits Meredith to say goodbye. He asks her how it went with Emily’s fiancée’s girlfriend. Meredith tells him that she didn’t tell Sami in person but she did write it all down in a letter to make sure she didn’t forget anything. She also informs him that a messenger came by to pick it up and should be delivering it as they speak. Then, the camera shows a letter addressed to Sami being put under the door of Sami’s Penthouse.

Later, when Stefano returns home, he tells Nicole that everything is going according plan and Rafe and Sami should be over as they speak. Nicole walks back into the living room and EJ apologizes to her for her having to deal with Samantha. Nicole says she understands why Sami is upset and EJ gets angry and starts yelling, saying that Sami deserves to be punished and he’s going to make sure that she is punished. Nicole mutters that she already is being punished.

Will/Mia/Kinsey/Chad: Will runs into Mia in the park and she wonders why he didn’t call her back. At first, Will tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it, but then he confides to her that he’s upset about Chloe being in a coma and that it’s even worse because it looks like the man she was having an affair with poisoned her.

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Meanwhile, over at the gym, Kinsey and Chad decide to put their plan to break up Mia and Will into motion. When Will and Mia arrive, Kinsey corners Will and tells him that her parents are getting a divorce and that she thinks he will be able to help her through it since he’s been there. Mia watches Kinsey hug him and she isn’t happy.

Later, one of Will’s friends starts going on about how easy Kinsey is. When the friend leaves Mia goes over to Will and stands up for Kinsey. Will doesn’t understand what’s going on and while Chad listens in, Mia tells Will that she isn’t a virgin.

Nathan/Melanie/Maggie: Over at the hospital, Maggie watches as Nathan asks Melanie if she would like to go grab a coffee later. Melanie tells him she can’t and walks off. Maggie walks over to Nathan and comments that Melanie doesn’t seem too happy with him. Nathan agrees but isn’t sure what he did to upset her. Maggie asks him how the concert went since she heard that he took another girl. Melanie eavesdrops as she pretends to flip through some papers. He tells Maggie he took Stephanie but they’re just friends. He says he doesn’t have time for a relationship right now anyway. Maggie asks him why he keeps looking over at Melanie. He mutters he just wants to know why she’s mad at him. Then he decided he doesn’t care and storms off.

Maggie walks over to Melanie and asks her why she rushed off this morning. Melanie says she wanted to leave early so she could get a good parking space. Maggie wonders if it was because of Nathan. She asks Melanie why she’s giving Nathan the cold shoulder and Melanie starts rambling about he keeps complimenting her and saying she has a lot of potential, but he’s wrong. Maggie thinks she’s pushing him away because she doesn’t think she’s good enough for him.

Later, Melanie finds Nathan in the park and tells him that she was afraid once he got to know her he wouldn’t like her. She tells him she’s been thinking about it and asks him out. He tells her he doesn’t have time for games. Melanie says she understands – she knows she has a reputation but that it’s different with him. She explains she likes who she is when she’s with him. Nathan says he has to focus on his career right now and can’t afford any distractions. Melanie asks if she’s a distraction. Nathan gives in and suggests they try having dinner again. She cracks that she’ll check her calendar but she’s pretty sure she can make it work. He smiles.

Stephanie and Roman: At the pub, Stephanie spills some coffee on her papers. Roman comes in and sees her and helps her clean up the mess. He asks what’s wrong and she claims she’s just a klutz. Roman doesn’t buy it and suggests she’s upset about Philip. The two of them sit down and have a heart to heart. Stephanie asks him if it’s possible to will yourself to stop loving someone.

Roman tells her that he’s been where she is and knows how much it hurts. She thanks him for being sweet but knows that right now he really wants to be telling her “I told you so”. Roman smiles and tells her she’ll get over it one day and that she’ll find someone who’s good for her. Stephanie hopes so. She thanks for listening and says she has to get back to work. Roman tells her to call him anytime she needs to talk.

Outside the pub, Stephanie calls Nathan and leaves him a message, thanking him for the night before. She adds that she hopes that they can do it again sometime.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Bo tells Daniel, "This cell will be your home until you go to trial."

Kate asks Lucas, "Talk to Chloe about what?" Lucas replies, "Whether or not I forgive her."

Nicole asks EJ, "What if it wasn't even her daughter who died?"

Sami tells Rafe, "It's about Emily. Tell me it's not true."

Just a few thoughts: So, Stephanie had a heart to heart with Uncle Roman today. He knows the heartbreak part alright, but I don’t know if he’s the best person to be giving her advice on moving on –lol! It’s a shame Stephanie doesn’t have her parents around to confide in. I know, I really should get over it, but I’m still bitter about how they were written out!!!

On to the Sami/Rafe/EJ/Nicole mess, does any one else get afraid when Nicole is the most mature behaving person in a room? I know I sure do!!! Talk about topsy-turvy day!! I know I keep saying this, but I really just want this baby switch mess to be done already. Is it November Sweeps yet?