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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I officially love Dante. I love that he had a scene with Spinelli, where he wasn’t putting him down, or pretending not to understand Spin-speak. And even though he tread on Spin’s toes with the “Maxie is hot” comment, he backed off right away when Spin asked him to and didn’t question how someone ‘hot’ like Maxie would be interested in Spinelli. Then his concern for his mother, not because Johnny’s young, but more because of who and what Johnny is. And then finally, the confirmation that he is, in fact, an undercover police officer. Nice!!


Line of the day:

Dante to Olivia: “It’s a bit late for you to decide you don’t want me to be a cop.”

Is it wrong of me to like Jerry and the way he dispatched those thugs? Yes, I know, he’s a sociopathic psycho, but I’m tired of Jason always saving the day, so having someone else help the Corinthos kids was rather refreshing. Now, I’m not happy with the Sweet Sam stuff, because I know that will lead to some roughhousing and then at some point, St Jason will swoop out of nowhere and save the day.

Hate Sonny. Hate watching Sonny pick on Spinelli. Kind of liked watching Sonny pick on Kiefer, though I wished it had been worse. Kiefer is clearly a huge douche.

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Loved the Morgan/Molly scene. Too cute.

Loved the Scorpio dinner (even though it was more of a Spixie prop than anything else). Loved that Maxie invited Lulu. Love the Maxie/Robin interaction and Robin’s brilliant way of explaining how to deal with Uncle Mac.

Funny line of the day:

Mac to Maxie/Robin: “How could I be upset. I have my family around me…….and Lulu.”

Funny line No. 2:

Spinelli: “I am fuelled by the intoxication of love”

Patrick: “Well, good luck with that.”