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Susan Lucci Speaks Out On AMC's Move to L.A. With Kelly Ripa

Daytime diva Susan Lucci played guest to former All My Children alum Kelly Ripa's (Hayley)Live with Regis and Kelly, today and the hottest topic around the industry, AMC's move to Los Angeles became the subject of choice. At the 0:57 mark Lucci discusses how and when she and her fellow cast mates found out about the move and what her plans will be.

She goes on at the 3:34 mark to speak about her recent trip to Kenya for the Children, an international, non-profit relief organization, and how viewers of AMC will watch the trip be integrated into the show. Viewers will also see some of the trip as a segment, "Daytime Gives Back" on this year's  Daytime Emmy Awards airing airing Aug. 30. Even after all the mess they've pulled on La Lucci, she still is a class act. Loving Ripa repping for her girl at the 2:19 mark, say it again Kelly!

Shoutouts to ddpool for the clip!

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