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How Would You Save GH?

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Michael Fairman recently interviewedDana L. Meyer and Kecia K. Picard of the Save Our Soaps campaign, asking them how they'd save General Hospital, if they had their druthers.


MICHAEL: If you want to save “GH” what would you do? Bring in new actors? Get a new writer? Fire the producer? If you have your druthers…. what would you do first?

KECIA: If I had my druthers, I would tie up loose ends of storylines that are going on right now, so that they were done. I would get rid of characters I find useless. One of them would be Sam. I don’t see her as having a use on the show anymore. She has come on and done what she was meant to do. She has slept with every one in town, so all she has left to do is sleep with Michael and then she would have slept with all of Sonny’s family. I would get rid of Claudia as well. Sarah Brown (Claudia) is great, but I don’t think there is a purpose for Claudia anymore. She is ruining Sonny. I would tie-down and narrow down the mob and get more to the hospital because the show is called General Hospital. I don’t mind the mob; I just don’t want it to be mob 100% of the time that is not what it was supposed to be. There should be a balance, and a big balance. I would put the couples together that were working.

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DANA: I agree with her. I would make it less mob centered. I feel it’s all consuming. I have become more of a fan of Jason and Elizabeth over the last couple of years and I really see potential there. I feel so bad for Liason fans that have been fighting for 10 years to get their couple together. I will say in regards to Sonny and Kate, what disturbed me the most was when they brought Olivia in and every three days they kept re-writing some things. Over time it became more like they were playing up Olivia’s importance. The Kate fans were like, “Hey, this Olivia character is starting to take over Kate’s story!” Then it made less sense, when they said Olivia is like a sister to Connie. And now we are finding out that Olivia is supposedly a childhood friend of Sonny’s and Olivia has a big mouth. Why wouldn’t she tell Connie about his being beat as a child? It made no sense, especially if they were as close as sisters and Olivia liked to talk a lot. There are so many holes in the storyline. If I were an Olivia fan, I would be ticked that they keep changing her story. A few weeks ago she did not know what Dante did for living. Now she seems like she is in on it and knows.