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Check Out the HILARIOUS Premiere of WORKSHOP The Series!

Check out the premiere episode of Nate Golon and Kimberly Legg's funny, new web comedy WORKSHOP!  Also starring Passions alum Phillip Jeanmarie, WORKSHOP revolves around the exploits of a group of struggling SoCal actors attending a casting director workshop in hopes of landing that elusive "big break". Golon (who also appeared on Passions) and Legg wrote and produced all 13 episodes of WORKSHOP, which will air for the next 13 consecutive weeks. I caught up with Golon for a few quick questions as he prepared WORKSHOP's launch.

Daytime Confidential: A few weeks ago, we spoke with Phillip Jeanmarie, who plays Adam, the roommate of your character Jeff in WORKSHOP, and got his take on the show. As the star, co-writer and producer (with Kimberly Legg) of the series what can you tell us about the show?

Nate Golon: WORKSHOP takes an inside look at the struggles of the LA actor. This show follows six actors (three guys, three girls), all in their twenties, as they try to navigate their way through the ups and downs of making it in Hollywood. Our goal in writing this show was to show people everywhere what it's really like to try to make it in LA, and for those who live or have lived in LA, many situations should ring a familiar tune.

DC: Of the three, writing, acting or producing, which do you prefer?

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NG: Acting is what I came to Hollywood to do, and I love it! But, I felt that I haven't been given many opportunities to showcase my talent and producing WORKSHOP gave me the chance to put myself in a lead recurring role in an ongoing series. And I found that I am quite goodat producing, which is great, because I now feel I am a triple threat—actor, producer writer.

DC: Will we be able to see WORKSHOP at online streaming sites like Strike TV?

NG: We are going to showcase WORKSHOP on multiple video website platforms, most notably our website, Viewers can find the show on the following websites by searching "WORKSHOP the series":,,,,,,,,,,,, and Fans can also follow WORKSHOP on Twitter @WORKSHOPseries, and on the Facebook Group "WORKSHOP the series".

DC: Which writers, creators, actors inspire your work as an artist?

NG: I have been inspired by actors like Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Paul Newman, to name a few. I respect the work that Robert Redford has done, not only as a great actor, but also his success as a producer, and for his contributions to the independent film community. Watching Brad Pitt in Fight Club was what made me want to pursue acting; to not just settle for the traditional safe route in life. Matt Damon created his own future with Good Will Hunting and is an amazing actor. And Paul Newman contributed so much to the community through Newman's Own; his legacy is one of a fine actor and humanitarian. I hope to leave my mark as not just an actor, but as a great human being who uses his notoriety to create a better world.

DC: Web TV is becoming quite the new frontier. What advice would you give aspiring web producers?

NG: I consider web television to be in a sort of golden era right now, because no one has any concrete answers on what works, so there is a collective effort to help each other in the web community. Basically, anything goes. You can ask 20 producers of web content about what their advice is to make a web series successful, and you will get 20 different answers. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed, because it just raises public consciousness that web content is viable, and will sometime soon be the primary medium where the public goes to watch programming. My advice to aspiring web producers is to just do it. I feel that there is a hesitancy to jump into producing web content, because it is so new. Make quality programming that you feel the public would enjoy watching.