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General Hospital Spoilers!

Hey Guys! So I’m back, sort of. With needing the time off from DC to attend to some personal stuff I also had to take a break from the rest of my life as well. So its catch up time for me with everything including my soap watching. The time away was supposed to turn me into a daytime TV bum but that didn’t happen. Now that I am back and desperately trying to get back into the swing of things, I also have two pretty big projects going on that may keep me away from DC just a bit longer. I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes and I especially want to thank Luke and the DC crew for having my back and being incredible friends.


I hear I was mentioned during all the KeMo gate stuff (as Daisy put it) and since then both Steve Burton and Nancy Lee Grahn have said Kelly Monaco isn’t going anywhere. You all know that I’m a true believer of where there is smoke there is fire. Monaco SHOULD be negotiating a new deal right about now and sometimes a casting call is a way to get the actor or actress to take notice. If my memory serves her deals are usually up in the fall. Some are saying that when she left to take on her Vegas role, her current deal was adjusted at that time. Do I think TPTB would put out a fake casting call for KeMo's role? Honestly no. Did I squeal like a schoolgirl when I first saw that bit of news, absolutely! As a Liason fan and not a JaSam fan, I don’t see the JaSam pairing working without Kelly. I like Monaco, just not her pairing. I’m sure this has been discussed plenty here on DC. Honestly, I think Ms. Monaco most likely extended/adjusted her contract when she left for PEEPShow.

Some quick hits on what’s out there… There are RUMORS that Greg Vaughan is on the list for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. He claims it’s not true but he knows the date the new cast will be announced. Hmmmm…. Does that mean he is doing it or another GH star? Maybe he's just a big fan of DWTS? The residents of PC are carnival bound and it looks like it’s another all cast involvement on this one. This is the sort of stuff I like. Its summer, it’s realistic that there’s a carnival. Plus, one of my favorite GH fanfics has a carnival scene in it. But in true GH form is something fun turning into a tragedy? Some pics from the set surfaces and a couple of extras are all banged up. Nikolas and Elizabeth RUMBLINGS are still out there. Anyone happy about those? I’m not so sure. So Dante is an undercover cop. That I like. I don’t need another Sonny spawn thinking Daddy’s job is the coolest. Dante gets busted and Mac finds out he has an undercover cop working the Z Family crime scene. Is he saving Johnny’s hyde? Dante puts on the big brother hat when Kiefer bullies Morgan. Does Jerry tell Jason Claudia is innocent and it was all one big set up? Jason’s in trouble and Jerry leaves him to die. Will he have the typical GH hallucinations? The tables are turned and Sam rides in to rescue Jason. Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca… Nikolas wants some answers and she gets into it with Elizabeth. Will she also have to face Alexis once again? Is Ethan going to tell Lucky the truth? Did the Mayor’s wife kill the mistress? When she hits the carnival with a gun looking to take out Robin one would think that’s a pretty good indicator. Some RUMORS still suggest that while Andrea Floyd loses it, she MAY not be the killer. Did Spixie fans really get their happy ending? Remember I mentioned they would be Guza's newest angst target?

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That’s it for now kids. Like I mentioned, I have a lot to catch up on in the soap world and reality. I hope you have been well and thank you for rolling with the punches with me.