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Color Us Intrigued: Elijah Kent, Llanview’s Latest Legal Eagle


I was recovering from some Monday margarita madness last night as I caught up with the day’s episode of One Life to Live. Thusly, I’m a little foggy on the details of what exactly happened. What I DO remember though is this hot little number named Elijah Kent, the attorney repping Nora and Bo in their case against Matthew.

First up, his name is Matt Walton. He’s been on All My Children in the past as “villainous Terry McDermott” (to quote his Wikipedia page). Am I wrong to think he is the sexiest lawyer to hit Llanview since Tea Delgado blew into town? Nora, the fool, can’t win a case to save her life so I’m glad she called in a hired gun for this case. That said, I’m still rooting for Matthew in this particular court proceeding because I want the poor kid to walk again.

But what I’m REALLY intrigued by is his background dossier on Tea. I’m sure there is lots of scandalous information in there and wouldn’t mind if the whole thing got posted on But there seemed to be a little bit more behind their cross-courtroom stares than legal derring do. I think I saw the spark of sexual chemistry. And since it looks like Elijah’s staying in town for at least 6 months (to quote his actor bio on his web page). I also read somewhere that he’ll be taking a retainer from Todd fairly soon which makes me think Todd will be going against Tea in some sort of legal battle in the next couple months. What could those two EVER have to fight about?

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To sum it up, I’m liking this new guy. It’s time we had another competent lawyer in town since Nora’s been a bust for the last decade or so.

Also, did anyone else notice how Viki picked all the stuff off her sandwich before eating it yesterday?