DAYS' Wally Kurth: "Soap Operas Are Romance Novels on Video Tape"

You can go home again. Days of Our Lives' returning hero Wally Kurth recently gave an interview to the official Sony website for DAYS where he talked about how happy he is to be back on the show and reminisced on the magic that was Justin and Adrienne (Judi Evans seen in the above clip with Kurth). 

Days_Allison: And the whole Justin and Adrienne romance was pretty special.

Wally Kurth: They got wind that I could play the guitar and I could sing. Then they had this whole story where I played this song called "Give Me Wings" and I must've sung that song at least ten times on the show, in various reprises. That was fun. That was kind of cool for the fans and very romantic. I sang a lot of songs to Adrienne. It was incredibly romantic. It was every teenage girl's fantasy! To the point where there were a lot of guys who hated me. In fact, my wife's really good friend, when he found out that she was going out with me, he said "I don't like that guy." It was because I was so perfect! He said "that guy, he's too smooth! He's Mr. Romantic. I couldn't go out with anyone because they all wanted me to act like him!" Justin was completely unrealistic. He was over-the-top romantic. No boy could ever, ever duplicate it. I think on the Fourth of July, he gave Adrienne a private fireworks display! When he asked her to marry him for the first time, he made these paper boats and put the engagement ring in a boat and then blew it across a little pond and she picked it up. It was incredible.

I've always said that soap operas are romance novels on videotape. And if they're not romantic and they're not some sort of a fantasy of somebody – generally women! – you're not doing your job.