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Cady McClain on ATWT Cancellation Rumors

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Cady McClain spoke with Melissa Parker at Our Prattville about rumors of As the World Turns' cancellation. 


Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): As Guiding Light is ending in September, have there been any strong (inside) rumors about As the World Turns closing its doors also?

Cady McClain: There are always rumors. I think what is more important is the effort that is being made to keep the show on the air. There is a strong and loyal audience and they need to be seen and heard. These shows serve a vital community function, in that, at their best, they portray current social issues and the emotional sides to those issues.

They also provide a means to escape reality for many of those who are suffering. There are a lot of nighttime shows that have taken their cues from daytime serials. I still think when daytime does what it does, it is a lot more fun.

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