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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved everything with Emma and Scrubs today. It's so nice to see them interacting as a family and I loved how baby Emma just kept staring into Patrick and Robin's faces when they were holding her.


When Kate walked into Olivia's appartment, for a moment, I wondered how they knew each other. It's been so long since they've shared a scene together, that I forgot they were related.

Poor Maxie. She really knows how to open up a can of worms, doesn't she? First, her pride with Mac getting her to accept Spin's proposal. Then, with Kate essentially planning her wedding. She certainly has her hands full!

I loved the Dante/Johnny interaction, I loved Dante at the PCPD and his scenes with Diane and how flustered she got. I'm surprised they let Mac know so soon who Dante really is. I expected that cat to be in the bag for awhile.

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Don't Kristina and Michael have cell phones on them? Why aren't they calling for help instead of taking on this bodyguard on their own?

As for Jason and Jerry, maybe it's my television reception, but it was so dark, I could barely make out who was shooting at whom during the entire silly shoot out. Oh look, a bunch of heavy stuff fell on them! Who's betting they'll both come out of that unscathed?