Guiding Light Donates Another $10,000 to Peapack Church

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As Guiding Light wrapped filming today, the show held a church service to commemorate its 72 years on the air. During the service, GL gave the church a $10,000 check.


A $10,000 donation from the show to the church paid for new chandeliers and refurbished lighting in a community room, Henry said.

Another $10,000 donation from Guiding Light was accepted by the Borough Council on July 28, to be used for picnic tables and benches at Komline Park off Apgar Avenue. The show also donated a new gazebo for the Komline property, another frequent Guiding Light location, said Mayor William Horton.

It amazes me that GL has all this money to give to Peapack but the Spauldings have a wedding in a field and drive a Ford Explorer. I just don't understand it sometimes.