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Lisa Rinna "Trolling" For Third Great Character

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In an interview with Hollywood Chicago,Lisa Rinna reveals that she believes she has a third great character in her, yet to be discovered, and is trolling for one more.


HC: Finally, through all of the soap-opera-actress, Melrose-Place-villain-ess, Playboy-posing, Dancing-With-the-Stars Lisa Rinna, what do you feel casting agents are missing about you, in regards to potential TV or movie roles that you know you have the chops to handle in the future?

LR: Comedy. People see the outside and what you’ve just described, but when you get to know me, follow me on Twitter and you see me in my real life, then comedy of some kind is the next step for me.

What’s next for me is an open book, I’m writing another book. Harry and I did a reality show for TV Land Prime. That looks close to a hundred percent to be picked up this fall.

Finally, I feel I have a third great character in me after Billie Reed Days of Our Lives and Taylor McBride Melrose Place, I’m trolling for one more. That is out there for me. I just have to keep moving and grooving.

What type of role do you think could be Rinna's next "big" role?

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