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Louise Sorel on the Santa Barbara Storyline She Refused to Play

In Part II of We Love Soaps' Damon Jacobs' interview with Louise Sorel, the veteran actress reflects on the controversial storyline she refused to play on Santa Barbara, which had her character Augusta slated to fall for her sister Julia's (Nancy Lee Grahn) rapist Dash (Timothy Gibbs).


We Love Soaps: My understanding was that your reason for leaving Santa Barbara the last time had to do with a story line twist for Augusta where she would get involved with a certain character


Louise Sorel: Yes, that was part of it. But that’s because I was up there [in the producer’s offices]. I did question it. It was a story where my sister Nancy [Grahn, who played Julia] had been raped by Tim Gibbs [playing the character of Dash Nichols]. She comes home, she falls in my arms, she’s sobbing. And now I’ve seen that I’m now going to go out and do the rapist as a romance. I could not believe this! I was supposed to be sitting on a boat, in my bathing suit, with my binoculars, eyeing him, finding him very seductive, and I just said, “There’s got to be a limit, this isn’t right.” I went up to see Bridget [Dobson], I still hadn’t learned that I’m just the actress and have to keep my mouth shut. So I said, “Br-Br-Brigdet? I don’t know how this wonderful character that I have could turn to the rapist of my sister. I don’t think a character could do this. “ “Well, we like it” [was her response], but we’ll think about it.” What happened was “Snip, snip, snip,” they took it out.

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