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Lynn Herring Talks Lucy, Audrey, Ranching and Marriage to the Real Roman Brady

Those crazy, sexy, cool Mo Fos over at We Love Soaps are at it again! For their latest podcast episode, Damon Jacobs offers a sneak peek from his interview with daytime legend Lynn Herring, who reveals the details behind the contract tomfoolery that prevented her from reprising her iconic role as Lucy Coe on General Hospital, following her stint as Lucy the Vampire Slayer on Port Charles.


Herring also dishes about her summer gig as Henry's (Trent Dawson) "sociopath" mother Audrey on As The World Turns, shares the secret to her happy marriage with fellow soap legend-turned-rancher Wayne Northrop (original Roman, DAYS) and provides some eye-opening insights about the state of daytime from the perspective of an actress who was part of the lavish. Gloria Monty heyday and recently returned to the current, streamlined version of the genre's production model. 

Another great episode from Roger Newcomb and Co! Although, I have to admit, I am a bit perplexed there was no mention of selling anyone's pubic hairs on eBay this time around... Oh and Roger, I agree with your co-hosts, the Shouldless One aka Damon Jacobs and Michael Goldberg, Lynn CANNOT go to DAYS as a new character! It's Lawrence-screwing/Vivian-battling/slightly dead Lisanne Gardner or NO ONE! 

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