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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I wish Spinelli would see what this marriage thing is doing to Maxie. She's clearly losing her poop and babbling constantly, yet he still going on about the beauty of spending eternity with his beloved. If he loved her so darn much, he should see that she isn't ready. She was clearly sending messages today that he should have been picking up on.


Memo to Ethan, just because you pull your hair back, doesn't mean you shouldn't shower once in a while. Color me shocked that Ethan admitted the truth to Lucky, who seemed to be believing him. Now getting Nikolas to believe Lucky will be another thing. I for one am looking forward to Nikolas kicking that con to the curb. Then I hope Monica and Edward throw notEmily out onto the street as well and she can run back to wherever she came. Yeah, I'm not a fan of notEmily.

Jason/Jerry: Don't you just love the evil criminal mastermind who blathers on about his evil doings rather than just killing the other person? Don't you just love when said criminal mastermind leaves, without actually killing him? Its always a good soap staple! However, I was expecting Sam to show up and save the day, so I was surprised when Jerry just left.

Speaking of Jerry, why didn't he just give up Claudia? Why do all these people (Jax, Olivia, Jerry) feel the need to protect and basically save Claudia?

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Speaking of Olivia, I'm thinking that under normal circumstances, whichever police force that Dante is working for would have pulled him out by now, considering all of the conflicts of interest that's going on. His mother dated the man that he's targeting and is currently dating another member of the organization. That can't be good. What is good though is half naked Johnny sitting on the floor. I could watch that everyday and twice on Sunday.