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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Deacon/Victoria/JT/Colleen: JT fills the wife in on his suspicions about Victor being the mastermind behind Mary Jane/Patty coming to town. Deep down Victoria knows her father is capable of the accusations, but doesn't want to hear it from JT. After their argument, she leaves while JT chills at the bar. Deep down Victoria is still pissed hubbby rode to Colleen's rescue and kept mum on the situation. Colleen stops by and chills with JT. One thing leads to another and the duo end up in a lip-lock. Afterwards, Colleen mentions to JT how great they were as a couple. At the GCAC Victoria runs into Deacon who extends an invite to his room. The duo speak about their love of art and wind up making out!!! They put the breaks on it after a knock at the door— its an upset Amber.


Once Amber leaves, Victoria comes out of hiding racked with guilt and leaves as well. Meanwhile, JT also has some remorse over kissing Colleen and isn't aware someone spotted the entire incident. A  private investigator is following Colleen and takes pictures of everything!

When JT and Victoria meet up, she tells him to back off her dad and the duo kisses and makea up while keeping quiet on their respective indiscretions. The truce doesn't last long. Victor hired the P.I. to tail Colleen. Victor gives the pics of JT and Colleen smooching to Victoria. Victoria gets pissed, but at the same time feels hypocritical since she did the same thing. Vicki runs into Colleen and confronts her about kissing her husband.JT informs his wife he and Colleen shared a kiss and nothing more. Victoria doubts her husband's claims and decides he's sleeping with Colleen and has been doing so for quite some time.

Deacon/Amber: Daniel ia not out of the woods. Amber visits Deacon for help. She feigns interest in Deacon in order to gain access to his room to find evidence to exonerate Daniel. Deacon puts two and two together and Amber's blown out of the water. He gives her another proposition, marry him and Daniel is in the clear! Amber shoots down the offer. Michael meets with Daniel and informs him not to take Deacon on, but Daniel iss hell bent on clearing his name. Amber offers her assistance, but Daniel turns her down and tells her to stop bothering him. She decides to marry Deacon, and insists he turns over evidence that will exonerate Daniel.

Mac/Billy/Chloe: The Abbotts are with an arbitrator to deal with their divorce. During the meeting, Billy stuns all when he doesn't sign the papers!! A confused Billy claims to have more questions and holds off on signing. Chloe is blown away. Later, Billy tells Mac about the incident setting her off! After their tiff, Billy heads to Jimmy's and gets trashed. At the bar, he signs the divorce papers, even though he is still conflicted....

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Chance/Chloe: Billy spots the couple on a date and isn't thrilled.

Jack/Ashley/Billy: The Abbott brothers head to the Newman ranch to help their sister see she needs mental help. Billy mentions it being the anniversary of John's death but Ashley doesn't remember. This is huge for the brothers since she remembers every anniversary and birthday. Jack realizes Ash is in serious trouble. He and Billy are able to finally break through to her until she "sees" Sabrina. Jack knows something is up and asks if someone else is in the room. Ashley gets defensive, asking if they think she's crazy and throws them out.

Billy tells Jack they shouldn't give up. Jack says he hasn't given up on his sister, he is trying to figure out the best course of action to help Ashley. John appears letting Jack know he's the patriarch of the family now and must figure out what is best for his sister. Jack is a bit hesitant about taking over his late father's role and tells John so, admitting he has always been in his father's shadow. John reiterates to Jack that he is the head of the family, which makes Jack even more determined to help his sister. Jack decides to file a motion to have Ashley committed.

Nick: He finds out Sharon's baby is his, placing while his marriage to Phyllis in danger yet again...

Kevin: He learns he has another sibling...