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Morgan Fairchild On the Term "Cougar": "It's Demeaning"

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On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairmanchatted with The Bold and the Beautiful's, Morgan Fairchild(Dottie), who gave her thoughts on soaps' older women romances with younger men:


MICHAEL: What do you think of the 'cougar' storyline on B&B between Owen and Jackie? Even Susan Lucci(Erica) has a 'cougar' storyline beginning on AMC!

MORGAN: I think older woman/younger guy is great. I think the term 'cougar' is demeaning. No offense to this show. Just as a woman, I find it demeaning. What is reciprocal one for a guy… letch? (She laughs) I think the whole concept of women not being limited to someone older than they are is great. The way it was before, a woman used to be married to someone at least five years old than she was. I think that’s great that those set of norms have become passé. On the other hand, you look at some of these woman and wonder, “What do you talk to him about? He does not look that bright!” It’s sort of the same thing you think when you see older guys and dim blondes. “What do they talk about?”

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