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Wanna Be Read to in NYC by This (Half) Naked Hunk?

I’ve been around soap fans long enough to know that whole lot of you LOVE John-Paul Lavoisier (JP to those in the know!) and his oh-so-expressive eyebrows. Last week we posted about the Likely Story: Red Carpet Riot event in New York that will be featuring One Life to Live stars Robin Strasser, Jason Tam and Brittany Underwood.


Now we can confirm that Hunky McHottie Mr. Rex Balsom himself will be joining the festivities. He’ll be joining his co-stars in reading from the teen novel series Likely Story co-authored by famed YA author David Levithan, playwright David Ozanich and Emmy-winning OLTL scribe Chris Van Etten The stars will be signing autographs and taking pictures, of course.

For those in the Tri-state area, you should definitely go check out this sure to be wild event. It starts at 5:30 pm on Saturday August 15th. It is being hosted at the Borders store in the super-swank Time Warner Center Mall at 10 Columbus Circle in Manhattan. (Columbus Circle is at the corner of Central Park West and Central Park South (aka 8th Ave and 59th St.)

Anyhow, I think you should go check it out. I think it sounds like fun. Dorian AND Rex? Amazing. That’s a cougar pairing I’d like to see Ron Carlivati fool around with.

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And while we’re on the subject of OLTL, can I just bring up how much I like the boardroom scenes with Dorian and Viki yesterday. Priceless. But it made me wish Faye Dunaway was there as Joan Crawford to scream “Don’t F*** with me, FELLAS!”