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Brian Frons on Guiding Light: "Poor Performer For Many, Many Years"

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ABC Daytime's Big Kahuna Brian Fronschatted withThe Wall Street Journal in regards to Guiding Light ending:


So it’s not a big deal that Guiding Light is ending?

We’ve gotten used to soaps lasting so many years, the death of one takes on all this drama. But Guiding Light has been a poor performer for many many years.

Frons, a former exeutive at the sudser, also gave his feelings about his old stomping ground being taken off the air:

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What about personally for you? It’s kind of like your old high school being demolished, no?

No. It’s taking a patient off life support, not a sudden tragic death in the family or anything. I was sadder when I heard about production changes, lots of technical behind-the-scenes stuff that starts to affect talent and quality.

Thanks to rocki345 for the tip!