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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Since I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, let me just quickly say that I loved how Johnny handled Anthony. I also liked the Johnny/Spin scene. Spinelli is capable of being coherent when he’s not around Maxie.


I liked all the Morgan/Dante stuff and I was glad Dante roughed up Keifer, who needs some serious anger management classes.

Olivia needs a good smack. The woman is driving me insane. I get that she’s worried about Dante’s safety, but at this point, it’s almost more that she doesn’t want Sonny and Johnny taken down for being bad guys rather than what might happen to Dante. She was way out of line going to Dante in the laundromat and almost blew his cover and she was way out of line calling his superiors today.

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Dumbest line of the day:

Olivia on the phone:
“I’m Olivia Falconeri, detective Dante Falconeri’s mother.”

I mean, eeeesh. Imagine your boss getting a call from your ma…….when you’re an adult!

I'm loving Dante more and more, and even though I don’t hate Jax, I did become annoyed with his treatment of Dante, even though Jax was justified seeing, considering “Dominic” works for Sonny. I’m hoping Dante gets to rub it in Jax’s face once the truth comes out that he’s actually a good guy.

I think Jason really is a robot since most people would have likely died of blood loss by now and yet he’s not only still alive, but able to partially pull himself out from under the debris. And call me confused, but was Sam actually there, or was that just another hallucination?

Is it wrong that I’m annoyed that the Corinthos children are yucking it up in Cancun while their parents rip their hair out with worry at home?

For the first time in, well, forever, I’m interested in the ReNik story. When Lucky told Liz that the room got very cold and Nikolas became a Cassadine, my first thought was, ‘Hell yeah, rain down a little Stavros Cassadine fury on that little gold digger’. Now let’s hope he actually does come Monday. Please don’t fail me again Nikolas.