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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Ridge: He seeks James Warwick out for help regarding Taylor and Brooke. James agrees and the ladies head to Big Bear with him for therapy.


James: He tries to have Brooke and Taylor overcome the issues they have with each other, but soon realizes he's in over his head. The ladies behavior annoys James and he ends up in a sticky situation.

Taylor/Brooke: Their bitch fest heats up causing Ridge to break it up. James' therapy session winds up coming to a volatile conclusion with the duo causing James to feel it was a bust.

Donna/Bill/Katie: Mrs. Forrester notices her little sister and "Dollar" Bill getting close and is not happy. She decides to intercede by showing Katie who he really is. Katie sees an troubling side to Bill.

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Owen/Jackie: Whip sets up an exclusive interview for Owen back in his hometown of San Diego. He's a bit unnerved and green with the media coverage focused on him. During the interview, Owen makes a stunning revelation and gives the true story on his marriage with Jackie.

When Jackie sees this, she feels let down by her husband and gets drunk and sleeps with Whip to numb the pain. Owen calms Jackie and clears the air with her. Jackie feels remorseful about her liaison with Whip when she finds out the real reason for her husband's remarks.