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More Louise Sorel Dish From's Soapside


Michael Fairman

has a new interview with industry darling

Louise Sorel

, among other interesting tidbits in his bi-weekly column

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at This time around Sorel says she plans to be "more docile" in dealings with the

Days of Our Lives


“We know how things go," she says. "They might say, 'Get her out of here.' This time I am going to be much more docile, because when they always used to see me coming, their eyes would cross. I so loved the work and the character. I would always say, 'Why am I doing this? Why am I doing that?' It’s hard in soaps. They work long hours, and it’s so hard to get this stuff out so fast. I think I can be a little annoying, and I am a perfectionist. Ken Corday [executive producer of Days] was the most generous producer in terms of people’s salary, and nobody paid people the way he did. Everything is more difficult now for everybody. Now it’s like eight years later and now there is a connection and respect. I don’t even know what the original reasons for my firing were. I have some ideas that I won’t get into. I don’t think they wanted to lose Vivian; I think other things were at work. In a funny way, I did not feel fired. I thought, Well, they are just getting rid of this character now. I was not a happy person when I left there. I was very sad and thrown by it, and I had a lot of months to prepare for it. But the day it happened, I lost it and and went to pieces. That’s life. You just move on.