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Last Week's B&B: Fashion Showdown Leads To Love?

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Shock, horror – the week opened with Jackie being mauled to death by a cougar! It turned out the cougar was just trying to mount her. It liked her perfume. Somewhat disturbingly, this photo-shoot mishap made Jackie and Owen randy, so they got fresh again. A little unnerving, but hot nevertheless.


An old friend of Stephanie’s showed up in town and proposed a charity fashion showdown between Jackie M and Forrester Creations. Stephanie brushed her off, but Whip got wind of the idea and took matters into his own hands.

Whip went to see Bill Spencer and asked him to splash that the runway challenge was a done deal, despite the fact that neither side had agreed. Both Forrester and Jackie M were put in a corner and both reluctantly agreed to go ahead (for the children).

Brooke used her return to Forrester to get closer to Ridge and he lapped it up. He stroked her hair a little bit. I threw up.  

Spot the offensive gay stereotype. Sergei whooped, shrieked

and waved his arms around like Miss Piggy with PMT.


Bill plotted to destroy Forrester by sending his reporter Jarret to bribe the fashion contest judges. Meanwhile, he grew closer to Katie and confessed “I’ve never felt this way before. Not quite like this.” Those two have great chemistry - gimme more, Mr Bell.

The fashion showdown itself was quite good fun. First up were Forrester with their Royalty campaign, featuring the Logan sisters. It went pretty well, although there was some oddball vogue-ing during the finale. Predictably, the bribed judges were a lot more gushing over the Jackie M collection, which featured a few sequinned mini-dresses, plus dominatrix Jackie getting her cougar on with her boy toy Owen.

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I'm a little teapot...

Jarret spilled the beans to Katie about Bill having the judges under his thumb. She confronted Bill and at the last moment we were left to wonder if he’d had a change of heart as the judges announced their verdicts. Cue furtive glances between Bill and Katie. Turns out he’d had a change of heart and Forrester won the competition fair and square.

Brooke tried to get Ridge to “come home” with her, but Taylor pissed on that fire and said Ridge (oh, glorious, beautiful Ridge) was going home with her. Ridge said there was only one decision he could make. Tune in next week to find the two broads mud wrestling over the jackass. I’m serious.


Two women, one jackass - the eternal triangle continues.

Jarret told the Forrester family that Bill had a change of heart because Katie got to him.

Backstage, Bill and Katie hooked up. He admitted his father would be disappointed that he’d failed to stick it to Forrester Creations – and all because of a woman – but, Bill couldn’t stop himself. They smooched. It was hot. I love them. A year ago I wanted her dead, now they’ve won me over. I’m fickle.


No matter how many pistachios Nick threw

at Katie, he could never get her this horny.

Just when Jackie and Owen constantly pawing each other is starting to lose its lustre, an intriguing new couple pops up. Plus, throwing Whip into the mix with Jowen should spice things up. Heck, I’m looking forward to next week’s B&B. It’s been a while...