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Lynn Herring Talks About Lucy Coe

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Lynn Herring visited with Damon Jacobs at We Love Soaps about the popularity of her General Hospital character Lucy Coe and why viewers embraced her.


We Love Soaps: Why do you think the viewers embraced Lucy from the beginning throughout her entire run?

Lynn Herring: Well the bad girl always wins the viewers at first. When I got to come in, mess with people’s heads, and be so self-driven, that was pure entertainment. They said, “This girl is going to be entertaining because we don’t know what she’s going to do next.” And then what I love is that they let her show the cracks in the facade, and her vulnerability, and how much she wanted to be liked, and how much she wanted to succeed. And I think her drive to be part of society and to have money and then to have a family was every person’s dream too. I hope that even through the bad stuff she was still human, but a little larger than life so you could have some reaction to her.

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