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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante was still on fire today. Good Dante/Olivia scene where he kept telling her that she should be the one to go and not him. I’m thinking someone else, who isn’t so closely involved, like maybe his boss, should also give her a bit of a smackdown and inform her that undercover cops aren’t taken off cases because Mommy’s worried about them. And she still was making it seem like she’s more worried about her boyfriend than her son.

Line of the day:

Dante to Olivia: “You need to decide who you want to protect.   Your son, or a couple of gangsters.”

I’m not sure why Sonny was yelling at Johnny. It’s not like he called the cops on himself. What was Johnny supposed to do?

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JaSam: So, of course, we don’t see how Sam escaped from the big scary drug dealing dude, but we’re supposed to believe that she confused him with her talk and then made a break for it. Yeah. I’m sure that’s what the writers want me to believe, but I would accept if more if I found out that she was making all that up to appease and not worry Jason and that something bad happened in that room that she now has to deal with, mentally. I’m not saying I want something to have happened to her, but I’m saying, there might be more meaty stuff to play if that’s how it went down.

Also, isn’t there someone with medical experience, (like Jason’s mother) to give Sam advice on how to deal with not one but two gun shot wounds.

Good Nik/Rebecca stuff. I’m glad he didn’t fall for her crap and kicked her out, although I could have lived without seeing him crying and snotty again. I did like that Liz showed up and, literally, talked him off the edge.

Color me shocked that Rebecca showed up at the Qs to fess up. Loved all of Tracy’s snark, and I really, really hope Monica doesn’t forgive her.    I was seriously pissed that she slapped Lucky. Ethan, fine, because he was only trying to cause trouble,  but Lucky was only looking out for his brother.