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Aisha Tyler Talk Show Pilot Taping This Week?

This Just In: The pilot for Aisha Tyler's upcoming talk show vehicle for ABC Media Productions (formerly Buena Vista TV) is reportedly being taped this Thursday and Friday. You may recall The Hollywood Reporter  reported sources told that publication Tyler's project was slated for ABC's daytime lineup— a claim ABC denied. It should be noted, ABC also denied my initial report on July 27 that All My Children would be moving to the West Coast, calling it "rumors that had been in the zeitgeist", only to announce the move on Aug. 4. 


Sources have been telling Daytime Confidential for some time now, the Tyler vehicle was in fact slated for the ABC Daytime lineup, however Tyler receiving less-than-favorable responses as a personality from key demographics stalled the project, likely saving a soap opera from being cancelled in 2009 by ABC. 

"Aisha's show has been stuck in development hell," reiterates a source. "The pilot will have to be tested to death,  I doubt it will be ready before Summer 2010. Besides, ABC will want to see if the new investments to the soaps pay off before doing anything more drastic to the lineup."

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