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Brett Claywell Discusses Kish

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One Life to Live'sBrett Claywell visited with After Elton about whether or not he had reservations playing Kyle Lewis, the popular Kish pairing and how his family reacted when they found what the role required.


You start going through a lot of the same emotions I'm sure a man coming out and realizing that he actually is gay, there's a lot of emotions you go through as an actor to play that role. When the things are coming out of your mouth, listening to what you're saying and the emotions you're feeling towards another man, even when it comes down to the phone call to your father saying, "Dad, I have to play a gay man. This is what you're going to see me portraying on television."

There are some similarities between that and a gay man calling his father and coming out to him. I wouldn't say there were hesitations at all. I’m just the kind of guy who likes to invest himself as completely as possible in a role, and I don't take it lightly. Therefore, I would say there were less reservations, and more experiences I lived through to be more comfortable in it.

AE: How did you feel about it? Did you have any reservations?

BC: I think, naturally, the history there was definitely something that I had to take some time and think about. There's a lot that goes with it, because after a year, I've lived through some things and have some connection with the character.

Read the entire interview at After Elton.

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