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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I still don’t understand why Sam hasn’t taken Jason to a hospital. Multiple gun shot wounds, plus a building fell on him and she thinks she’ll cure him with a bowl of water and dinner conversation? Plus, I really wish they’d raise the level on the microphones for those two, because I could barely hear what she was saying and whenever I’d raise my volume, they’d switch over to someone else and the volume would explode. It scared the crap out of my cat!!!

Days like today is when my Carly hate comes back in full force. Alexis brings up a valid point that the fact that JaSam haven’t checked in might be a problem, but instead of agreeing, Carly goes all snarky on her. Then when she leaves, Carly basically turns to Jax and asks for help. Once, just once, couldn’t they have Carly not be a bitch to Alexis and work together? Also, why does Alexis Freakin’ Cassadine need to ask anyone permission to do anything?

I love how Dante always looks so uncomfortable when someone’s talking about Olivia’s, uh, extracurricular activities.

I was glad Olivia gave Sonny another smackdown. I doubt this one got through his thick skull any more than the other ones did, though. I also loved that Dante gave Sonny a lesson on how to treat women.

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Sonny: “I know her a hell of a lot better than you do. Read between the lines, she can’t resist me.”

Dante: “You’re delusional.”

I was thrilled that Lucky and Rebecca didn’t go the angry sex route that I thought for sure the show was going to have them go. But I really thought Lucky would walk in on LizNik making out, so color me surprised when he was intercepted by Alfred first.

For me, the weird thing about LizNik was that today when they were kissing, I saw no chemistry. Yesterday, oodles. Today, nada. Go figure.

My first thought when Dante walked into the bar and sat down beside Rebecca was “no, no, NO, NO”. Please, do not infect my man Dante with that piece of trash. So I was even more horrified when she cozied up to him and I think I threw up a little in my mouth when they walked out together and ended up at her place over Kelly’s. I have never been more grateful than when the little witch passed out on the bed. Please Dante, run, and run far away.