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Wishful Casting: Finola Hughes as Lesley-Anne Down's Sister on Bold and Beautiful

(Photo Credit for Finola Hughes ABC; Photo Credit for Lesley-Anne Down Reuters)

While watching and— for a change— thoroughly enjoying The Bold and the Beautiful this week, I can't help but think how great it is to see Ian Buchanan onscreen again as Dr. James Warrick. I think all soaps should have more British people. They just class up the joint! Before serving as B&B's answer to Dr. Phil, James had a storied history with the Women Forrester, including an attempted romance with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), and a shared attraction with Stephanie (Susan Flannery). 


Who could forget James being deflowered by fellow psychiatrist Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) at Big Bear? Obviously Ridge (Ron Moss) has, since he sent not one, but both of his less-than-merry wives up to the cabin with the shrink this week.

I think B&B should have James stick around, don't you? I have the perfect romantic partner for him too. Get your pencils out, Barbara Bloom is gonna love this one! I think B&B should cast Buchanan's former General Hospital leading lady Finola Hughes as Jackie M's (Lesley-Anne Down) kid sister Joanie! Get it, two Brits named Jackie and Joanie? Hughes was slated to go to B&B's sister soap The Young and the Restless a while back, but Fronsie nixed that. Maybe Brad Bell can make the lovely—and fashionable—Hughes a wholesale offer she can't refuse?

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Joanie Rawlings, a glamorous, recently-widowed, romance novelist, could come to visit her sister and favorite nephew Nicky (played by GH alum Jack Wagner) in LA for a bit. While in town, Joanie could become fascinated by all the sordid goings-on of the Forresters and Logans and decide to pen a trashy roman a clef about the warring clans! (Which CBS could actually sell, just don't let that person who does the P&G books near it!) 

Enter the ever-manipulative Stephanie, who asks her old friend James to try to romance Joanie, in order to talk her out of writing the book. Would lightening strike twice for Buchanan and Hughes? Perhaps. If not, there's always Thorne (Winsor Harmon), Whip (Rick Hearst), or Bill (Don Diamont).

Maybe Joanie and the Spencer publishing scion have a past? How would Bill's new love, PR princess Katie Logan (Heather Tom) respond to Joanie's presence in town? Might Bill Spencer have published Joanie's first, best-selling, page turner? Could the rogue have cheated the London lass out of her royalties? What if an angry,17-year-old boy (Zack Conroy), follows Joanie to Los Angeles and quickly gets mixed up with Thorne's now 15-year-old daughter Alexandra? A Spencer son falling for a Forrester granddaughter? Romeo and Juliet meets Ugly Betty

Then, just when Jackie doesn't think she will be able to stand her provocative sister encroaching on her SoCal life one second more, their mother, the Baroness Minvera Davenger, comes to town— played by Joan Collins!  Okay, time for my meds.