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Catching Up with One Life to Live, the Best Soap on TV

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to file a report on the funniest, most compelling show on Daytime right now. Seriously, these last few days have been filled with hysterical one-liners, killer performances from the legacy actors, and generally great stuff all around.


Is it just me or has Blair (Kassie DePaiva) been knocking it out of the park for the last few weeks? Granted, she’s triangled with Todd and Tea and it’s hard not to love everything they bring to the screen. But even in her scenes with Rex she managing to be funny, flirty, self-deprecating ... all the things I love about her! So kudos, Kassie!

Blair’s on the hunt for Ross and we’re hearing lots of exciting things about what messes he’ll be getting into. And he holds the key to Tea’s secret. I’m pretty sure I know what that secret is - you are too, right? The question remains, is it Todd’s or Ross’s?

Another player in this drama is Elijah Clarke, played by hottie Matt Walton. I’m hearing lots of positive response about this fellow. For Matt Walton fans - have you seen this???

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Starr announced she’s not going back to school today. Ugh. Do not follow her example and I’m kind of bored already with this story. But, frankly, I’m bored with Starr. Isn’t it time she ran off to Atlantic CIty or something and became a hooker. Then maybe I’d be more down with her.

And other things I’m not looking forward to? Fish trying to prove he’s straight by sleeping with Stacy next week. No self-respecting (OR self-hating for that matter) gay boy should EVER sleep with a busted tramp from The Strip like Stacy. Cristal Conners? Maybe. BUT!!! We still love this storyline. And immediately after sleeping with Stacy - Fish reveals he’s gay. Literally, like the next day.

Stacy - turning ‘em gay one guy at a time. Is Rex next?