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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Loving all things Scrubs today. From the very funny role playing to the Emma sighting. Love that the baby looks so comfortable with them and that she was pointing up, clearly at the microphone and lights up there. Having Andrea show up and watch them through the window was a tad creepy. I get the feeling she knows that they’re onto her.

I was glad to see Liz stopped the kissing with Nikolas, but I was really hoping she’d tell Lucky the truth. That’s one secret that will hurt if and when it comes out.

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Loved the Molly/Nikolas scene, although when she first walked in, I thought, “how does Molly know Nikolas?” This show is so bad at familial interaction, especially when it concerns Alexis, that I had briefly forgotten that Nik was Molly’s uncle. Here’s hoping Nikolas can focus on Alexis and her problems and forget the skank ever existed.

Speaking of Alexis, I sort of liked the whole Sexis/Carjax parenting moment - them sitting on the couch and finally discussing the missing children. Even so, I could have done without the Jax/Sonny pissing contest. “I’ll go get them”. “No, I’ll go get them” Who cares who goes, so long as someone does. In fact, they should all go.

I liked that Spinelli brought up the various marriages that Carjax have been involved in. Both Jax and Carly’s reactions were funny. I don’t understand why he didn’t tell them the truth about where the kids are though.

I liked the Diane/Spinelli scene. I never know if she finds him amusing, annoying, or a combination of the two.

You know, the whole JaSam/Jason’s going to die thing would be more heartbreaking and emotional if I actually thought he might die. But the fact that he won’t, and that he’ll probably survive with only some brandy and aspirin, sort of spoils the tear jerking moment for me.