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ATWT's Paul Ryan is not Todd Manning 2.0

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As the World Turns is desperate to avoid Guiding Light’s fate and it shows, this is a good thing. Finally ATWT is being forced into action and is attempting to fix some of their most blatant problems. Paul Ryan is one such example.


Free of the snore-inducing Meg (Marie Wilson), Paul (Roger Howarth) is making a comeback. The blink-and-you-missed-it time spent without his memory was refreshing and left fans wanting more of a lighter, less moody sociopathic Paul. It gave the writers just enough time to re-pair Paul with Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley), thrust Colleen Zenk Pinter’s Barbara Ryan back onto the front burner where she belongs, introduce Lynn Herring as the mother of Paul’s just-revealed half brother Henry Coleman (Trent Dawson) and bring back the popular James Stenbeck (Anthony Herrera).

For the first time in over a year I am actually interested in a storyline involving Paul. I want to see how Paul and Henry’s relationship as brothers develops. I want to see more of Barbara as a maternal battle axe going to war to ensure her son gets his fair share of James’ fortune. I want to know if James is truly repentant, or if this is yet another master scheme.

I know long-time ATWT viewers might not appreciate the addition of Herring and other former General Hospital stars suddenly popping up in Oakdale, but I am thoroughly enjoying her. The character fits in well as a Coleman, and Barbara is never better than when pitted against a foe she feels is her inferior. The return of Alexandra Chando as Maddie Coleman can only be a welcome addition to this complicated, but enjoyable storyline.

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With James Stenbeck’s return I am also looking for a scene(s) between Rosanna (Cady McClain) and James, where Rosanna rips into her onetime kidnapper. I realize this may be difficult with ATWT's increasingly-episodic storytelling model, but it needs to happen.

The obsessive, sociopathic character Paul Ryan became when paired with Meg was getting old . Keep Paul on the opposite side of the Snyder Ocean and as far away from Meg, Dusty and Damian as humanly possible! Contrary to popular belief, Paul Ryan is not Todd Manning 2.0.