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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Wow, talk about a smorgasbord of characters and storylines today! Everytime I saw someone new, I’d be surprised that they, too, were in this one episode. Even the one liners were funny and appropriate. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll back to the same old, same old, but for today, I liked what I saw.


Loved everything Scrubs/Matt/Lulu. Lulu gluing her hair was a bit contrived, but JMB played it cute and not shrill, so I was ok with it. I actually thought Matt/Lulu were cute and I think I’d be ok with those two together.

Patrick: “Just cut her hair”

Lulu: “NOOO”

Matt: “Man, you really don’t understand women at all”

I love that Dante is such a gentleman and that he stayed with Miss Thang, but I was glad to see him leave her side quickly thereafter. I liked the Dante/Lulu scene and all of his little innuendos.

Dante: “Did you hit your head?”

Lulu: “Why does everyone keep asking me that?”

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Loved everything Molly/Nik/Alexis. Everybody seemed to have such an easy chemistry together. It’s hard to believe that this Molly is new to the scene.

Molly to Nikolas: “We’re all under stress”

That line made me laugh, considering she’s only 10!!

Rebecca was her typically annoying self, snarking out Alexis for being right about her and then having the audacity to tell Nikolas that he should get past it. It’s been less than a day since he found out that she’s a lying liar who lies, trying to bilk him for all he’s worth, but he should just get over it already. Whatever. And I hate that Monica was all nice to her.

Good to see Kate back and I will say her Crimson/blackmail story sort of, kind of made sense. I was glad she finally explained it all to Jax. I was shocked, SHOCKED that she and Olivia discussed the whole Dante thing, especially with the door open. And that Jax overheard and actually confronted Olivia about it.

Jax to Olivia: “How much longer are you going to keep that a secret?”

Well, she’s been doing a bang up job for about 25 years, so how about another 25?

Dante hitting Johnny… that’s not going to be good. What’s worse is that Johnny actually made a pretty tame comment about Olivia, so I’m not sure why Dante felt the need to unleash. I am interested in where that’s going to go, though!