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Have We Seen The Last of Y&R's Aunt Liv?

Wondering where Aunt Liv (Tonya Lee Williams) has been during the recent crises pummeling her family and dear friend Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) on The Young and the Restless? The Canadian actress tells The Suds Report she hasn't been used in over two months!

Has Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia) left the building? The Canadian star tells The Suds Report she “hasn’t worked in nine weeks!” But that’s OK, says Williams. As previously reported, the thrilled NAACP winner has been cast in the third season of CBC’s hit drama thriller, The Border. “I play the recurring role of Constance Meade, who is the Director of Intelligence and Detection for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For authenticity, we’ve been shooting my scenes in Washington! It’s a great role and show.” Williams joins Battlestar Gallatica/The Cleaner star — and fellow Canuck — Grace Park on the series. “You know you’re in the future when a Canadian show casts a Canadian as an American! It’s usually the other way around,” she laughs. Just don’t tell Tom Ridge, Tonya — he has enough problems.

 Here's a suggestion: Maybe Y&R can bring back Lily's (Christel Khalil) great aunt Mamie (Veronica Redd Forrest) to help her sister's namesake through cancer? Wouldn't it be great to see Mamie reconnect with dear friend Kay (Jeanne Cooper) and cross paths with bitter rival Jill (Jess Walton)? Also, I'll bet a nice batch of "good ol' Mame's" sticky buns would make poor Ms. Ashley stop seeing Vampira's ghost in a jiffy!

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Check out the above clip (courtesy of yrbbfanatic) of Liv's arrival in Genoa City opposite Redd Forrest and Brenda Epperson Doumani — who succeeded Davidson as Ashley — with Victoria Rowell's Dru lurking in the background of Abbott mansion. Come on Auntie Ri Ri, REBUILD OUR WINTERS!