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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers and Fall Teasers

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Adam/Ashley: Victor informs his wife of her brother's plan to have her shipped off to the nut house and to have her submit to a psych evaluation. Ash is hurt by Jack's actions and thinks he's only doing this to seek revenge against Victor in their war. The mustache vows to squash Jack's petition and tells Ash to have him come out to the ranch to be confronted. When he arrives, she implores him not to go through with his case to have her committed.


Ashley tries to appeal to Jack by saying the family would be devastated by his actions and is shocked when he informs her the family are all in agreement with his plans. She's inconsolable hearing this, reaffirming his decision to have her committed. Ashley looks to Adam for help once Jack leaves and he agrees to help her convince the doctor she's competent.

He preps her on saying the right things and acting a certain way in order to fool the doctor. Later, Jack arrives with the doctor for the assessment and is upset when Dr. Jamison informs him that he and Victor must stay downstairs during the examination with Ashley. When the session starts, Dr. Jamison questions her on the visions of Sabrina, but Ahsley tells her she doesn't buy into ghosts. Ashley is successful in placating the doctor, but deep down she's trying to keep from cracking. After the session, Dr. Jamison tells Victor and Jack that Ashley's just suffering from post-traumatic stress and doesn't need to be checked into a mental hospital.

Jack is shocked by this conclusion, positive Victor paid her off, and leaves. Ashley, grateful for Adam's assistance, stuns him with a request to lay down with her until she falls asleep. He does, though, and she snuggles up into his chest...

Paul/Mary Jane: The gumshoe follows Patty to her room at the GCAC and is stunned to see it's Mary Jane. Paul attempts to call the police when she cries out she's his baby sister! While JT waits for Paul's call he gets worried, follows his trail to the club and accesses her room, finding it empty. JT calls the police when he sees signs of a struggle in the room and informs the cops that Paul is missing. Armed with a knife, Patty forces him to drive and the siblings start to argue. Paul keeps pushing to gain information, which causes her to become so upset she screams at him. Paul stops the car and is accidentally cut by her knife.

An upset Patty informs him the wound isn't serious and gives him the knife. The two have a little family bonding, but they hear the police sirens in the distance. She's scared Paul will hand her over to the police, but Paul comes through for his sister by heading to the church where Todd found out Patty's identity. Paul calls him and gets the name of a priest of St. Jude's who's friends with Todd, so Patty can get help. Meanwhile, JT fills Heather in on Paul being missing and she becomes scared for his well being. Her worry for him intensifies when JT gets word that Paul's car was found with blood inside. After being grilled by her big brother, Patty tells him she came back to town for Jack, which stupefies him. Paul sees she's descending into madness with her talk about wanting to be with Jack.

Patty lets him call JT after he promises to not call the police. Unfortunately, when he contacts him, Heather and Chance are with him wanting to know where Paul is. He isn't thrilled when JT arrives with his daughter and the police in tow. He fills them in on Patty being his sister-and Mary Jane-which shocks them all. Heather empathizes with her father's situation, but tells Chance everything when she leaves the church, even after Paul begs her to keep his sister's identity hidden so she can get help without going to jail. All she wants is for the situation to end without anymore drama. JT heads to the Newman ranch, ripping into Victor about his link to Patty.

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Victor feigns innocence and promptly throws him out. Jeff and Gloria, who still have the compromising picture of Victor and Patty together, decide to head over to the ranch to try blackmailing him. Victor calls their bluff by pretending to call the police, prompting the couple to flee. Later, he calls them up again with a new deal to get Patty to the ranch! The Bardwells find out where she is and come up with a creative way to infiltrate St. Jude's. Chance is given the ok to enter St. Jude's, but Heather stalls him until she gets word from her boss. Paul then informs everyone that Patty's not going to turn herself in and if the police enter they will have to break sanctuary in order to get her. The D.A. comes by and demands Heather get her dad to give her aunt up, while Paul contacts the press about what's going on.

He explains Patty's mental state and says she needs help but never mentions she's his sister. While this is going on, Jack sees him on TV and is shocked to see his defense of "Mary Jane" after he was hell bent on catching her. Old Smilin' figures out his ex-brother-in-law is hiding something. Jack gets a call from Patty, who informs him she's pregnant-surprising him speechless! He goes to St. Jude's to get the entire story. Paul begs the D.A. to have her placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor, like Adam, adding that if she doesn't get the same treatment, he'll let everyone in Genoa City know the law dishes out two types of punishments: One for the privileged and the other for the less fortunate.

Ashley: She remembers what happened the night of the storm when she "hit Sabrina" with her car.

Fall Sneek Peek

Chance/Chloe/Billy: The fashionista takes advantage of Chance's feelings for her to make Billy green with envy. Her plan is a bust after Chloe starts to have feelings for the detective.

Sharon: Fans will see a stronger person due to the plotting and scheming by those in her orbit. When the paternity of her daughter is found out and the reason why she lied, Sharon will be viewed in a new way. The outcome of her lies will result in her paying the price personally, mentally and physically. She may get a new, or renewed, love interest.

Mary Jane: Her descent into madness continues, which makes her even more lethal than before. Her misdeeds will intensify, leading back to the war between Jack and Victor.

The Bardwells find a way to top themselves while trying to obtain their money. Look for them to be connected to many stories on the canvas. The more story lines they are in, the more they will be tied together.

Adam: Good versus evil plagues the Newman black sheep. Fans will glimpse Adam's ethics battle over the acts he's pulled when he dons his good and bad guy persona. All the stunts he's pulled will start to eat away at him. While he wants to destroy Victor for what he's done, Adam still wants to gain his love and admiration.