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Five Things To Look Forward to in Llanview Next Week

We’re beginning to sound like broken records here at DC, what with all the love Luke, Jamey and I are showering on One Life to Live these days, but let it be said again that this show ROCKS!



So, as the drama ramps up, here are 5 things I’m looking forward to seeing go down in Llanview next week:

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  1. Blair heads off to track down Ross Rayburn. And the big surprise? He’s married! Married to Tea, that is. But that's not Tea's big secret, not by a long shot.
  2. Viki decides to run for mayor! Yes, yes, yes. And little birdies tell me that Dorian will soon become her opponent. If Viki’s a Democrat (I mean, how could she not be?) does that mean Dorian’s a Republican? This may be the first flaw we have ever found in the ravishing coquette that is Dorian Lord Cramer.
  3. Langston gets caught in a compromising position with a shirtless fella named Ford by Markko. I love Ms. Wilde and Mr. Rivera, but their stories are often about as interesting as watching paint dry. That said, we’re also glad that Markko’s gotten involved with the whole reality show thing. It’s about time he got mixed up in the inter-family dramas. Also, Markko and Langston have sex again.
  4. Stacy takes advantage of poor drunk Fish and beds him in her attempt to get preggers again. We hate Stacy, but we do love watching her be evil.
  5. Oliver Fish comes out of the closet!! But how long before we get another hot kiss between him and Kyle? Don’t keep us waiting forever, Ron!