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Creator Of 60 Minutes Valued Radio

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A New York Daily Newsstory has just come out about the late, amazingly talented and forward thinker, Don Hewitt, creator of CBS's 60 Minutes. In the story former CBS News producer and now arts commentator and essayist Liz Dribben says that Hewitt still valued and respected radio while he was working at CBS News

Whenever he'd be out in the field with a correspondent, particularly Mike Wallace, and they found something that could be breaking and exclusive," says Dribben, they'd call in to the CBS radio desk to file a story - no matter what, where or when."

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Mr. Hewitt was one of the rare, few people who genuinely cared about getting the news out no matter what form it came in. Whether it was in print (where he started), on the radio or television, Mr. Hewitt's main focus was on keeping the people informed and that will surely be missed.

For more on this story, head on over to the New York Daily News.