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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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JaSam: Who knew that all you needed to cure you from two bullet wounds and a building collapse was a bowl of water and a bottle of brandy? I will say this though. I’m not a JaSam fan, but they were rather smoking today. Nuff said!!


ClauSon: Now here’s something I never thought I’d say… I was actually interested in their scenes today. It was all very interesting and very soapy. She thinks he’s looking for a divorce. He doesn’t grant her one. He never really wanted to be married to her, but is interested in staying now, for whatever strange reason. He never really wanted a baby with her but now that’s one of her conditions for staying. He’s always said no more kids into that world, yet has hated when his other baby mamas kept him away from his kids. Now she’s offering him a kid, into that world, no strings attached. It’s weird, yet I’m intrigued. Go figure.

LizNik: I really don’t know what I’m supposed to think or feel about Nikolas. I mean, I think he’s pond scum, hitting on Liz like he never had feelings for Rebecca. Then when she shuts him down, he goes back to sniffing after Rebecca like he didn’t just say that he wants Liz. I know it’s very soapy, but it’s just very icky for me. And when Lucky kissed Liz, I fully expected him to know that those lips had just been unfaithful to him.

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Carly/Dante: Interesting scene between them. I think it’s just a matter of time before Carly starts putting two and two together. In fact, I think she’ll figure it out before anyone else does. The Dante/Morgan/Sonny scene was a bit more heavy handed than necessary though. Yeah, we get it, they’re all related. Don’t hit me over the head with that anvil now.

Olivia/Jax: Remember when I used to like Olivia? Yeah, me too. Today, she sunk down lower than even I thought possible. Jax is not responsible for what happens to Dante or Sonny and she shouldn’t have made him feel guilty about it.