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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Owen/Jackie/Whip: Guilty about her dalliance with Whip, Jackie informs him she needs a breather from him and tells her husband about her indiscretion. Whip gets all the blame for Jackie's marriage hitting the skids and he tries to woo Nick over. An enraged Owen gets help on forgiving his wife from his stepson of all people. Later, Pam gives Jackie an idea on how to get Owen back, unfortunately for her, the plan backfires and he saves her. When Stephanie confronts Whip about his actions, he offers up his resignation. On the road to reconciliation, Owen and Jackie hit another bump due to misinformation. The two must face a huge choice.


Stephanie/Beth: La Forrester better watch out! Big Mama Logan unloads her wrath for all the pent up anger she's had for years resulting in a fiery altercation, over Taylor/Ridge/Brooke due to Beth having Alzheimer's.

The Logan girls inform Stephanie and Taylor with startling news.

Ridge/Brooke: Logan gets support from Ridge about her mom's ailment. Meanwhile, the lovebirds try to find a solution to their problem. Due to her mom's illness, Brooke decides to end her quest for Ridge.

Ridge: He fights for the woman he loves. R.J, Thorne and Donna try to lead Ridge on the right path to his true love.

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Taylor: She wind sup in a fragile situation.

Bill/Katie: The two share things from their past. During a Forrester photo shoot, Bill stuns Eric and everyone wonders what his true motives are. Later Bill has a gift for Katie.

She is shocked when Whip divulges his real motives.

Someone pops the question.

Casting News

Patrick Duffy reprises his role as Stephen Logan, patriarch to the Logan family on Aug. 31.