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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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JaSam: Alright all you die hard fans, I’m about to rain on your parade, so if you don’t have an umbrella, skip on down to the next paragraph!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you in advance!! First off, he was barely able to walk around the bed a minute ago, but now he’s lifting her up without any problems or any grunting (at least give me a grunt to make it believable!). Then, he has a teeny tiny little white band-aid on his shoulder, absolutely nowhere near where the gun shot wound appeared to be (and where did they get white band-aids and tape?). I also think that had they been in the “real” world at that moment, they never would have done anything with each other. The only reason they hooked up was the same reason all those reality show contestants hook up, because the other one is there. However, I did enjoy that she seemed to regret it right after it happened and that he seemed to regret it later on.

Funny line for me:

Sam: “Uh, we just had sex. Are we going to talk about it?”

Jason: “Nope”

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Hey, if I have to suffer through my girl pooping on her “relationship” with Lucky and having daydreams about her brother-in-law, I have to get my enjoyment somewhere.

Nik/Rebecca: Ok, I’m now assuming that he’s not really into her, but rather that he’s pulling a “Cassadine” on her and messing with her head. And I’m all for that, because the little skank deserves whatever Cassadine wrath rains down on her. I just don’t understand how she couldn’t see the total contempt on his face when he was talking to her. I kept thinking TC needed to reign it in a little because it was so obvious that Nikolas thinks she’s disgusting.

And speaking of disgusting, there’s Ethan. Now that Luke is gone and Rebecca has dumped him, can he go back to wherever he came from? Or at least take a shower and get a haircut and shave.

Micheal/Kristina: It’s been so long since we’ve seen these two, I had almost forgotten all about them. For an intelligent girl, that Kristina really isn’t very smart. Is she that desperate for a boyfriend that she’s willing to overlook the fact that Kiefer smacked her and then went off with another girl? She’s willing to run back to Port Charles just to be with him? Also, I thought the cell phone that they found couldn’t be traced back to them, which is why they were using it, yet Kiefer knew who was calling him. Not to mention the excellent service the phone gets from Cancun to the US.

ClauSon and CarJax: Not much new from the day before. Dante has chemistry with everyone, including Sonny’s doorway!!