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Jillian's B&B Spoilers And Fall Sneek Previews

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Whip: He takes the fall for Jackie's indiscretion. Whip is told to keep away from Jackie while trying to handle his feelings for her. Later, he ends up out of work at Jackie M and gets shocking information on his boss's past.

Rick: He's back! He stuns all by making peace with father and son adversaries Ridge and Thomas.

Owen/Jackie: She promises her husband she won't go astray again, especially with Whip. Owen decides to kiss and make up with Jackie with one condition. Later, Jackie ends up in a tough situation and must figure out if she should keep her word to Owen.

Ridge: He is still unsure about which woman to choose. Ridge makes a public display for the love of his life once he decides who he wants.

Brooke: She decides to relocate to Paris.

Stephanie: She's jumping for joy, but in the end she doesn't get the results she was hoping for. Later, she discovers the truth about Beth's outburst.

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Thomas/Steffy: The siblings commiserate over their lack of a love life.

Fall Spoilers

Owen/Jackie: The Knights have another roadblock in their marriage

She and Owen becomes friends and Steffy ends up being his sounding board. Will she end up too close to her friend?

Eric/Donna/Marcus: When the Forrester patriarch decides to adopt Marcus, a man in Donna's past hits town.

Stephanie: She loves her life at Jackie M, but drama at Forrester Creations may lure her back to the old stomping grounds.

Pam: How far will her devotion to Stephanie go?

Taylor/Ridge/Brooke: He's still conflicted on which woman to be with. Has Ridge's devotion to Taylor and her kids hindered his fate with Brooke? Taylor was certain this time she'd land Ridge. However, what will happen if she has another upsetting loss?

Nick/Bridget: An incident at Forrester Creations may put a snag in their marriage.

Bill/Katie: The two become closer. Is Bill using Katie as a means to an end with Forrester Creations or is he for real with her?