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"Variety" Sheds Light On Daytime Emmys Quest To Be Aired

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    Original:'sMichael Schneider reveals in an in-depth article the plight to save the Daytime Emmys. Last year the award show netted a dismal 5.4 million viewers, making all three of the major networks pass on airing the show, including last year's host ABC.Schneider spoke with Associated Television Intl. president David McKenzie on his fight to have the show aired:


It's tough for the networks because of the economy. They're running fairly scared... (but) when we heard that the Daytime Emmys was having trouble getting on TV, we stubbed our toes on this and said, 'That's just not right.' We called in a lot of folks we've known for a long time and told them, 'We don't want this to go away, don't you agree?

The article also revealed The National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences, the organization that handles the ceremony, were thinking over the options of airing the show on cable tv or even showing it as a webcast. McKenzie also went on to give his thoughts to Schneider on what this year's show may gain from being broadcast in the middle of Primetime Emmy season. McKenzie states:

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This is not a bad time for it, we'll be interested to see how it does. Maybe it goes back to May or June; that remains to be seen. But I've seen in my years of marketing that when you group something like this together, for some reason they feed one another.