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DC #447: CBS and Days Extra Good Good

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential, Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Melodie discuss the latest in As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless storylines and news, including:


Lesli Kay returns to As the World Turns as Molly McKinnon while maintaining her role as Felicia Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. Austin Peck has been fired by ATWT. Should Days of Our Lives snap him back up or do they have enough men for Sami already? With Brad gone, Katie will need a new love interest. Would make Murray Bartlett make a good Simon recast?

Bo and Hope search for their kidnapped daughter, guided by Bo’s psychic visions. Jamey believes that men in soaps shouldn’t be psychics. Melanie and Philip sleep together.

Taylor and Brooke get into a mud fight on The Bold and the Beautiful. Were the scenes hilarious or degrading? Shouldn’t it be Ridge who needs to figure things out, not the women in his life? Owen’s twin brother is revealed and his behavior pushes Jackie into Whip’s arms. Was the Whip and Jackie kiss hot or not?

Guiding Light’s Natalia returned to Springfield, but what does this mean for Otalia? Is it too little too late? Daytime Confidential’s Mel believes so. Who wears the pants in the Otalia relationship? What would you do if you were in Frank’s position?  Edmund, Jonathon and Jeffrey get in a gun fight. GL’s Mel jumped Cyrus’ bones.

Rumors are swirling of Victoria Rowell’s possible return to The Young and the Restless. The DC gang discusses what it would mean if she returned. Should have Cane have had to spend more time paying penance before reuniting with Lily? Is the Deacon, Amber and Daniel story a retread of Hogan Sheffer’s storyline on Days of Our Lives with Lucas, Sami and EJ?

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